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Manuel & Gerardo Becerra: Very nice place to stay and excellent service. You are a nice person, God bless you and your family.
Yesenia & Juan Gomez: I feel right at home, Bertha and everyone were very nice and making sure we were taken care of at the Max! Thank you. Yessi

Cameron Smith: Thank you for everything Bertha! You are my South African Mother! I hope to be able to come back and stay again!

Benjamin Jeske: Thank you so much Bertha. You made this so awesome for me and cam!! We will have to come and visit again!!

Reilly Cowan:



Gseg Rabski:

Thank you so much for your hospitality and putting up with us coming and going at all hours of the night!! It was a truly spectacular time!!

Thank you and your family and friends. For your amazing hospitality, company and spirit! You definitely helped make this one of the funniest trips ever!

Flavie, Lucas, Esvardo, Souza: Thanks for the warm and friendly stay.

Mr & Mrs T. Sityodaria: Thank you very much for your hospitality. We really enjoyed our stay, we felt at home. We’ll keep in touch.

Izat: One of the best vacations ever. Felt at home right from the start. Mama treats us like her own. Soweto surprises me always. Definitely miss Soweto & hope to come back again. Thanks, Terima Kasih

Rosst: Yeah, it’s the best vacation ever as mentioned from my brother (Izat). We will miss Soweto and Mama Bertha’s food are fantastic cooked by mama. We gona miss ya. Hopes to come back again!!! Thanks Terima Kasih